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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Real Deal

So tonight I'm definitely writing with a 'heart on my sleeve' kind of attitude, but I figured I needed to introduce my boyfriend Andy sometime and why not now when I feel like talking about long distance relationships?
We have been dating since September of 2006 added to 11 months before that of "liking each other but not wanting to date yet." The story of how we met could be a whole other post, but long story short, we have always been long distance. When we got to the age to start dating (2006) we liked each other enough to try it and well it ended up working out so were still together almost 5 years later!
Many of my friends consider me a LD expert and several came to me when it was time to go to college and their boyfriends would be going to a different school. I loved giving advice to them and was glad I'd have some people who now knew how I felt. However, I soon realized that having a boyfriend/girlfriend at just a different school than you is completely different. I quickly figured this out when my friends would get excited to go home for christmas break or summer break and get to spend the entire time with their loved one. Thats where we differ. I go home and I am still not with him. We are actually farther apart when were both at home.

I get "I don't know how you do it" alot and honestly I don't know how I do
most of the time. ha! It is very hard at times but it is the price we have to pay for each other. However, one thing we hear sometimes though that is not something you want to say to us is "but you're used to it." A lot of people said this when they were experiencing leaving their bf/gf for college for the first time. But I could have screamed that "noo that just makes it harder!" The fact that we've "always been long distance" makes it actually ache worse.
We have had to miss several birthdays and anniversaries. We never get to spend holidays together. And miss just the simple things we never get to do like calling each other up to come over for a while or be there when the others sick. I'm not trying to write a sob story here, I'm just missing him a lot lately because of seeing my friends "go home" to their boyfriends. And in the fall when some "go back" to them at school.
I don't regret a thing though. As hard as it is, it is worth it because hes my sweetheart. It sounds cheesy but we've both prayed a lot about our relationship and if we're doing the right thing. Caz who would want to date someone lost distance for this long and it not be right!? We have never had a sign that it wasn't so I guess we're doing good ;) I can honestly say though that I dream every day about when we will FINALLY be in the same place. It is good to know that, God willing, each day is a day closer to when we will be together and that keeps me strong!
With all that said, I know that any type of LD relationship is hard. Anytime you are away from your loved one it takes a lot of strength!! I also have SO much respect for military wives and their families. They've gotta be some of the strongest women out there!
As for tonight, I'm missing my man and counting down the days till June 16th when I can see him again. God Bless,

Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Weekend Review

I had a wonderful weekend and I wanted to jot down some of the things I did!
Friday, I went to the zoo with my mom's kindergarten class and it was a lot of fun! My friend Kaley got to come too, so we enjoyed watching my mom's kids get excited and reminisced on our zoo trips in the past. I hadn't gone in forever so it was good to see all the wild animals again!

Loved how this one had his legs crossed!
My favorite animal to see!

We thought he looked like he needed pants on! ha ha

The penguins were snooty and purposely kept their backs to us the whole time except this guy!

Shortly after I got back from the zoo, I went over to watch Sloan while her parents got ready for a party. Since I haven't introduced her, she is the sweetie I will be nannying this summer! She is 16 months old and I can already tell I'll love her to peices! I wish I could post a picture of her but I definitely won't without her parent's permission! ;) When I got home I had a nice dinner with my family and just relaxed the rest of the night since it had been a long day!
Saturday I woke up and went over to watch Sloan again. I'm getting to learn her routine and its nice to see her often these few weeks I have before I start watching her every day. We had lunch together, she took a nap, and then we played outside some. After that I just spent time at home and did some shopping with my sister Faith at Target.
Today wasn't a normal Sunday because I didn't get to go to church with my family! I can't wait until I get into the routine of going to my home church again but I commited to babysitting for Sophia and Olivia at 12:30 so I had to miss out. However, I was very excited to see these girls! I nannied for them last summer and my-oh-my how they've grown! They're almost 2 and I can't believe how much they can talk. We had fun coloring, playing outside, and watching Bambi. Since they had to get a new nanny when I went back to school in the fall, I really hope I get to see them throughout the summer when I'm not with Sloan ;)
Can you say a LOT of kid time this weekend!? Some may think I'm crazy, but I really enjoy all the time I get to spend with children; whether it's my mom's class, Sophie&Livy, or Sloan, I just enjoy taking care of them and seeing their personalities grow. I will be spending much more time with my friends and family this week, but for now I'm content with my kid-filled weekend :) 
God Bless,

PS: Be looking out for an update on Lift Up Appstate sometime this week! I'm excited to actually begin working on the club-related paperwork so I will be blogging about my experience with that. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

skYS not skIES.

*Note: I had to rewrite this after it was deleted the first time! ugh so I'm sorry if it doesn't sound very good but I am frustrated and I can't remember some of the things I said! boohoo

I noticed a while back that I spelled skies wrong when I made the url for this blog and then went on to spell it the same way when I made my header. I will admit that I didn't notice it at first, which is weird to me because I am normally a really good speller. However, once I realized it and was kind of embarrassed I thought, well atleast it gives it character ha ha.
Anyways, whether I moved to the clear skYS of Boone or the clear skIES of Boone, I am back in the city and I wanted to do a post on the things I'll miss about the good ole' "Booneys" since I did one on what I was excited for in Charlotte.

To start off, the clear skies that I so enjoy in Boone don't refer to weather. Most days I actually want to compare Boone to Forks,WA in the Twilight books. It rains sooo much. The clear skies I'm talking about are at night when you can see all the stars. You just don't get that in Charlotte, so I love to stop in my tracks sometimes when I'm out at night and just look up at the stars. (My friends from the country think I'm crazy they'll say "they're just stars" haha)

I will most definitely miss my girls in SAO a lot over the summer! I don't talk about it nearly enough on here but this sorority has made such an amazing impact on my life by making me a stronger and better person. All these girls are my accountability partners, bstud buds, prayer warriors, and sisters in Christ. I already can't wait to start up all the fun events with these girls in the fall.

This picture is perfect for describing the "all things Boone" that I will miss: including chacos, ENO hammocks, and all the hippie stores on King Street. I am excited to get my chaco tan on this summer (they will be arriving in the mail any day now!) but it won't be the same wearing them in Charlotte. Not many people have them here, but I'll fit right in when I return wearing them in the fall.

The beautiful scenery that surrounds you everywhere you look in Boone. Also the activities you can do while taking it all in, such as going to the parkway, hiking, or swimming in a river (how country is that?). I'll also miss the cool breeze that is always around up there. It will especially be missed when I'm strolling Sloan in the 90 degree, humid Charlotte heat.

Although this one goes both ways, I will miss the freedom I have to do everything for myself in my cute apartment room. While at school, I sometimes long to be with my family eating a "mom-cooked meal" and sleeping in my comfy bed at home. However, I've noticed that being home also means eating what the family eats, being on their schedule rather than just mine, and abiding by the "house rules" such as no eating upstairs and being quiet after 10pm because everyone else has school and work.

Since being at a school that I really enjoy (I transferred from a school that I reallyyy didn't like), I've realized that I will always miss things from home while I'm at school and vice versa. I would have never, ever imagined myself being a mountain girl (although I'm still more of a beach girl ;) before this year. My family never vacationed to the mountains and truthfully I would get carsick just thinking about traveling there. But low and behold I lived up on a mountain for 9 months and I'm going back in the fall! So they must be doing something right ;) All this to say, I really do miss everyone and everything that is up at school and I will be happy to return in the fall. I hope everyone is having a great start to the summer no matter where you are!
God Bless,

Saturday, May 7, 2011

SUYL- Ocean Isle Beach, NC

I decided to link up with one of the first blogs I started to read, Kelly's Korner, and participate in her "Show Us Your Life Fridays" Although I'm a day late, yesterday was favorite vacation spots. Anyone who knows me knows that Ocean Isle Beach is my all time favorite beach. It's between Wilmington, NC and Myrtle Beach, SC and its the perfect low-key spot to spend a week because its small and quaint but you're close enough to MB to go have some fun if thats what you want to do.
My family has always gone to this beach atleast one week out of the summer my entire life. For a long time, we went one week with my mom's family in June and one week with my stepdad's family in August. We stopped going in August eventually, and started to go in November for Thanksgiving with his family.
I just have the best memories at this beach with all of my cousins (10-15 on each side): spending all day on the beach, going to the pool in the afternoon, sometimes taking the jetski or boat out on the intercoastal waterway, going out to dinner or cooking a big meal at home, and then walking on the beach to"crab hunt" at night.
And afterall, if it weren't for OIB, I would'nt have even met my boyfriend of 5 years :)
Ocean Isle is lined with rows and rows of beach cottages, and we have always rented one of those. There are a few hotels, but they are all owned locally (no chains). Some of the rental sites include: http://www.williamsonrealty.com/
However, for the past 5 years, we have stayed in my mom's brother's cottage and rented a second beach house beside it! These houses are on Wilmington Street and are canal front.
Finally, some of the restaurants we like to eat at are The Isles Restaurant, Cinelli's Italian, and the Homemade Icecream shop on the island and then also The Boundary House thats about 10 minutes down the road in Calabash, NC.
I could go on and on about memories from all these trips but I will let all the pictures show it!

If you're still with me, you can probably tell I have so many pictures from each year. Most of them with my closest, more-like-a-best-friend, cousin Barrett :) Sadly, because of several different circumstances we can't go this year and I'm heartbroken but we will definitely continue to go! I can't wait to take my own family there and maybe someday even own a house there ;)
Thanks for visiting!

Monday, May 2, 2011


Today I have felt like the biggest bag of emotions EVER. I think I always get this way at the end of each semester. It's like I am happy and excited because its getting so close to either Christmas or summer. I am mad and jealous that other people get to leave before me and  that we are all done at different times (#sonotfair). I am stressed beyond belief from having test after test. Finally, I am sad to be leaving my great friends at college for a long period of time.
Hows that for mixed feelings!? I had to just call my boyfriend today and cry to him because of how overwhelmed I felt! This was especially brought on by the fact I also got a call from the doctor saying I have an infection that I must take 6 pills a day for.
While I should be studying for my "Analyzing Style and Form" final tommorow, I thought it would be good for me to lay out all my emotions and take a deep breath! I am reminded often how we shouldn't live our lives on a day to day basis but lately, I am just praying for God to get me through each day until Wednesday night rolls around.
Hopefully I can continue to step back, take a deep breath, and trust Him to show me his blessings in the next couple days.
I hope no one else is feeling as bad as I am, but I'm pretty sure we are all feeling this way right about now. So I pray for each of you reading this that you can do the same! Maybe even go get some ice cream or a pedicure as a little break from the books :)
Good Luck to all!
God Bless,

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back in Business

Let me start off with saying how proud I am of my new blog layout!!!! I love it so much and it really reflects my personality. But anyways..

If you still want to attempt and read my blog, I am returning! I know its been over 2 months since I wrote but that just goes to show how ridiculously BUSY this semester has been. I (only) had 16 credit hours but they were all super dreadful gen ed classes (history, math, biology, english, yeahhhh). Add on work and sorority events and I have been swamped! However, I only have 3 more days until summer and I couldn't be happier to take the load off my shoulders! I really do enjoy writing on here so I will make it my best effort to write on here alot more often.

Once again, I can't gaurantee that what I write on here will be deep or meaningful but I will most likely just write whatever is on my heart and hopefully you will find it interesting! :) I will leave you with a verse that helps me get through this tough last week of exams and pictures of what I love most about summer!

"The LORD has helped us and taken care of us during the past forty years[semester] that we have been in this huge desert[stressful classes]. We've had everything we needed, and the LORD has blessed us and made us successful in whatever we have done."
Deuteronomy 2:7
Just having down time to do things like read in the hammock we just put up outside!

Ocean Isle Beach with the Royal family :)

Being in Charlotte with much more to do!

Being able to nanny! I really have a dream job this summer & I am so excited to write about the fun times I have on the job :)

Seeing this little girl more often! And everyone else I miss while at school!!

Finally, just being home! Being with my family that I love so much!

God Bless,