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Monday, November 30, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

The past month has been a hard one on Andy's dad's family. His Aunt Becky passed away in October and just over a week later his Grandpa Wallace passed away. We have traveled to Andy's parents house many times for funerals and other than that, we've relaxed at home. Some months, rest is just needed. Once Thanksgiving got here, we were glad to be heading to Craigsville for a happy occasion!! We got there Wednesday night and stayed until Friday morning. 

This was my first Thanksgiving to spend away from my family so I was excited to bake the pumpkin roll that my Nana has always made. I was quite proud of it! I also made a chocolate chip cookie pie that turned out tasty as well. 

Andy had to rest before we helped his mom put up Christmas decorations ;-) 

We headed to Charlotte on Friday and we spent the day and night with my Dad and Kendall. We hung out, watched movies, and on Saturday began watching what was, sadly, one of ECU's last games of the season.  Saturday afternoon we went over to Mom's and went to dinner at Firebirds. We spent time with Amy and Tyler, and Phil, Anna, & Faith got in late Saturday from an NCState football game. We had brunch together on Sunday and began putting up the Christmas tree before Andy and I began our trip back home. I didn't take any pictures while we were in Charlotte, but I did take a picture of Rielynn from when we visited on our way back home (because they moved back to NC!!) She is getting way too big, although cuter every day!! :-) 

I can't believe my week of Thanksgiving break has come to an end. Only 3 weeks left of work before Christmas break! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Life Happens !

Wow! A whole lot of life has happened since I last posted on this little corner of the internet. There have been two graduations, two moves, three weddings, & two new jobs. How's that for change!? I had great intentions of blogging throughout the end of my wedding planning process but life just got in the way ;) & sometimes that happens. 

I'm going to go back and update posts in chronological order since Andy's last Barrister's Ball back in March. But for now, I'll leave you with a cute little view of the new place we call home. :)

Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween + Andy's Birthday

I decided that I wanted to give Andy his gifts on Friday before his birthday on Sunday. He came home from work to cupcakes and gifts on the table :-) 

We decided to stay in and cook dinner together! 

Saturday was Halloween. We did not do much of anything all day long. We prepared for trick or treaters *just in case* but I tried not to get my hopes up since we live in a pretty small neighborhood. Finally, in the last hour we had one group of 3 kids! It made my night ;-) I was thankful for a cozy night in our home. We headed to Andy's parents house later that night. 

Sunday we went to church and had a late lunch with Andy's family to celebrate his birthday. I love celebrating this man. He is so hard working and so, very good to me. I'm thankful for him everyday. Happy Birthday, babe!! I love you