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Friday, September 30, 2016

CRUiSE: Around the Ship

Well, I'm back from being under a rock in the blog world! When we returned from our cruise, I hit the ground running back at work. Right now as I'm sitting in my cozy house, waiting on my bestie to arrive , I got an itch to blog! I can't possibly close out our summer fun without recapping our Southeastern Caribbean cruise with Dad, Kendall, Tommy, & Mallory!! 

I thought I'd split the posts up by pictures from around the ship and then our Port of Calls in a separate post :-) 

So here's a look at our adventures from around the ship, Adventure of the Seas!

Sail Away

It was so fun to sail away at night and watch from the helipad! 

Sunday Night

Our first night at dinner (since we skipped night one for sail away) was formal night!

Monday Night

We went to the comedy show. It was… interesting!

Tuesday Night

The return of my ice-cream butterfly! On our last cruise, our waiter brought me, what he referred to as "an ice-cream butterfly" every night! It had to make an appearance. Though our waiter this time called it a roller coaster ;-) 

After dinner we headed to the poolside dance party :-)

Wednesday Night

We sailed away from St. Lucia on Wednesday night. It was SO fun to see the Sandals resort we stayed at, almost exactly a year ago, on our honeymoon. We watched it until it was out of sight :-) 

It was also QUEST night!!! Quest is always a good time & this night didn't disappoint. 

Mallory & Tommy were our team captains!

Thursday Night

It was our second formal night. We were having too much fun to take many pictures, obviously. Haha

Friday Night

On our last night, we celebrated Kendall's birthday and mine & Andy's anniversary :-) 

You had to be there :-) 

Hira & Inega!! Hira killed it on the last night by bringing us NINE crab cakes (because Tommy suggested that 10 was too many). They definitely took care of us. :-) 

So I didn't realize that I didn't take any pictures on the ship during the day on the cruise (except in St. Lucia- more on that later). I think it was because we only had one day at sea! Nonetheless, Adventure of the Seas provided an awesome time- day and night :-) 

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