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Saturday, March 29, 2014

6 on Saturday

I'm just going to make my own link up now, 6 on Saturday ;) Hah I love the idea of 5 on Friday but I just don't get around to it!

1. Different week, same story. The beginning of the week started out with snow, again. This winter has lasted forever. I know Boone usually has a dusting or two past Spring Break but this seems like the latest we've gotten several inches of snow, multiple times, since I've been here. 

2. Thursday was a good day. My very first client met one of his goals!! Such a proud moment :) The sun came out and we had a glimpse of spring (even though it was still just 48 degrees hah). I stopped to get a blue bell ice cream cone after running some errands. I got THIS is the mail!!

and I even went to bed early after reading a good book and a bubble bath. This semester is hectic but I like to remember the good days where everything just seems right :)

3. I've started helping my mom & Phil plan our vacation this summer & I'm SO excited. I'm also planning to go back to Kiawah with my dad and Kendall! I only have 2 weeks off in May and 2 weeks off in August, and while I'm excited to stay in Boone this summer since I never have before, it will be a lot of work! Needless to say, I will be looking forward to these trips all summer!

4. Last night I went to AOPi's spaghetti dinner on campus with some of my sorority sisters and roommates. We planned on going to see Frozen on campus for a $1 but it was sold out by the time we got there. We got LUCKY though and ended up reserving it at a Redbox in town and watched it at home :) I've had "Let it Go" stuck in my head since last night, the struggle is real. 

5. Today was my sorority's annual alumni picnic. I can't believe I attended as an alumni this year! It was fun to see my family and eat some yummy bbq! I was SO blessed with the girls in my sorority family. I love them all :)

Me with my two littles, Hannah and Megan, and Hannah's little Nicole! Our family is not complete without Megan's little Allie but she had to quit the sorority last semester. We miss her at these events but we will always still consider her a part of our fam :)

 Haha Nicole snapped this and we all had to laugh. So typical of us getting ready for a picture

6. Finally, surprise, surprise it is snowing yet again as I write this post. We're supposed to get 1-2 inches and the winds may reach 70 mph. Boone is most definitely wanting me to remember my last winter here ;)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Thought Dump

Well, this past week wasn't a true test of being back in the swing of things since all my clients Monday cancelled because of ice & I didn't see clients Wednesday and Thursday due to my supervisors attending the NCSHLA conference! However, it was enough to make me excited once Friday rolled around!

When I arrived at my apartment from Spring Break I had the sweetest gift waiting for me from my roommate Mindy!! I'm so blessed with friends who celebrate me! I mean chevron, a blingy card, and that Mrs. mug!? Love it!

While on the engagement subject, I realized sometime over Spring Break that my nail polish and the walls at home were almost exactly my wedding colors I have chosen! Ha ha. A watermelon-sorbet pink and a spearmint-springy green.

(ignore the chipped toenail)

Yesterday I was feeling domestic and decided to bake homemade cookies. I read about Taralynn's 40 calorie cookies and I thought they looked too yummy not to try. I was skeptical but they were pretty tasty! I used whole wheat flour instead of gluten free and next time I will probably use a different sweetener since Stevia left an aftertaste in my mouth, but overall: thumbs up!

I know I've said it a million times, but I'm READY for warm weather to stick around!! More snow is forecasted for tomorrow and I am beyond over it! This feels like the longest winter I've had at App!

Today, Mindy helped me realize that there are 7 diamonds on my ring and Andy and I have been together 7 years (going on 8) now, at the time he gave it to me. How neat is that? When I told him about it he let me know he planned it ;)

Finally, I'm going to end with a post from "whatshouldwecallSLP"

"When a client tells me they love coming to speech"

That happened this past week and Porky's reaction sums up mine perfectly ;) Love my clients and that they have fun during therapy!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The PERFECT Spring Break

Spring Break 2014 was perfect. I didn't take a tropical vacation, I didn't have any extravagant plans, but it ended up being the perfect combination of relaxation, excitement, and fun!

It started on Friday when we woke up to this in Boone: 

6 inches of snow!! I don't think the DOT was expecting so much so, lucky for us students, all classes were cancelled and we got an early start to Spring Break!! I waited until the roads were clear around noon and headed home! 

We went to a mexican dinner that night to celebrate Anna's 15th birthday and Andy met us there (after, what I later found out, having dinner with my dad :). 

Thankfully, Charlotte was a beautiful 60 degrees on Saturday and it began to actually feel like Spring Break! Andy and I decided to go to Met Midtown and walk the greenway. 

I liked taking pictures with Charlotte's version of the Chicago bean ;) 

Sunday morning we woke up and were beach bound!!

Driving over the O'dell Williamson bridge listening to Jimmy Buffett music is one of my favorite things. We had arrived!! 

We made it down to the beach quickly. Feeling sand between my toes and the waves crashing? Probably my most favorite thing. ever. 

We stayed about an hour and then got ready for a date night at Carrabas. They have a new menu and everything we ordered was absolutely delicious!!! Andy didn't know he was in this picture but I had to document it ;)

Monday was GORGEOUS. I could not have asked for a more beautiful day on a North Carolina beach in March. It was in the 70s and it was warm enough for us to lay out in bathing suits!! Needless to say, we stayed out for several hours. 

We swam in the indoor pool and I wanted to dry off outside. While it was still warm, it was chilly because I was wet so I had to wrap up ha ha

Sadly, after my shower I realized I was FRIED!! We forgot sunscreen but did not expect the sun to be so strong/it be so hot. Needless to say, we definitely should have gotten some. I don't think I have EVER been that burnt (I usually don't burn at all with one application of sunscreen). 

I put some lotion on it and we were off to another amazing meal at the Boundary house! Date nights at the beach are the best kind of date nights. 

The Boundary House is probably one of my all time favorite restaurants. These honey glazed croissants are to. die. for. Their house salad is delectable and their seafood is delicious!!! After dinner, we looked around the Christmas Store next door and much to Andy's dismay, made it back to watch the end of The Bachelor finale :)

Juan Pablo may not have proposed, but Andy did the next morning!!! :)

 After the proposal, it was super special that we got to share it first (in person) with Nana and Papa! They were thrilled and they kept talking about the fact that both of their grand babies are engaged!! :) 

(side note- had I known I was getting engaged, I probably would have done my hair & had some make up on ;)

As per usual, Papa wouldn't let us leave without "doctoring" up my car first :) I have to say, I enjoyed watching my fiancé work on my car (like how I slipped that in there?)

We then made the trip back to Charlotte and were surprised to walk into this when we got home!! 

I have the best friend in the world, I'm sorry she's not yours :)

My mom and Amy had set up a little celebration!! I was SO excited to see them and did not have a clue they were setting this up :) Mrs. Diane, Tyler, Aunt Kim, Dad, Kendall, Faith, Phil, and Anna joined too and it was fun to see them all in person after our big day!!

THE sweetest note from my best frand. I love it!

My Aunt Kim brought us the neatest gift. Her family has a beach house at Ocean Isle and she had some sand she previously kept from the beach. She took some OIB sand and made this jar with our engagement date on it! I love it!! Such a special gift! 

I wish I would have gotten pictures with everyone, but as you can see I looked a hot mess anyways ha ha. I love this picture of Anna and I though. 

We ended the night by getting Chick fil a with Amy and Tyler. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect day- getting engaged to the love of my life at my favorite place in the world and returning home to my loved ones to celebrate!

One last picture the next day before Andy left to go back home for the remainder of his spring break. We were joking that we woke up the next day, still engaged! It wasn't a dream ;) 

I spent the next two days sleeping in, going to a few appointments, and starting to look at wedding venues!

Thursday night I got to see S & E! There is nothing better than having them run to me with open arms when I get there. I think the love is mutual :)

This girl slays me :)

Friday I was able to make it to the chiropractor AND get a massage. Talk about a nice day! I ended the day having dinner with my Aunt Darlene- I'm so glad I got to see her while she was in town for the weekend!

Finally, I rounded out the week by spending Saturday with S & E! It was a beautiful day so we spent as much time outside as we could.

I think it's a childhood rite of passage to want your body traced with chalk :)

We painted nails while sister was sleeping. Or I should say SHE painted nails. Ha ha I started out painting hers and she asked to try and I thought, why not? She did pretty well ;) 

A great way to end the night - Lilo and Stitch with my side kick :) 

Spring Break 2014 did not disappoint!!