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Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday Favorites

Hey y'all! I'm linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals for Friday Favorites! Her blog really is one of my FAVORITES :-) 

School is back in full swing and it has been BUSY. Last week was quite exhausting to say the least, but one of my FAVORITE things about waking up early and driving to work is the beautiful sunrises that God paints. 

Last week ended wonderfully though because one of our very FAVORITE couples came to visit! We have been itching to visit Snowshoe Mountain since we moved to Lewisburg and Amy and Tyler were happy to join us! It was such a neat place and I can confidently say it is my FAVORITE ski resort that I've been too.

It's no secret that winter is probably my least FAVORITE season. It is usually just too cold and gloomy for me. However, if I were to pick my FAVORITE part of the season, it would be snow :-) We have gotten several flurries this week and very cold temperatures. Many mornings, the scene from our front door has looked like this:

On Wednesday, my FAVORITE guy got home from work with new glasses and a surprise :-) I think "just because" flowers are the best kind! 

Finally, I found an instagram account this week that may now be one of my FAVORITES. It is full of SLP memes. 

We don't have any plans for this long weekend and I'm quite excited! You can find us relaxing, going to church, and cheering on our FAVORITE NFL team. Go Panthers! 

Happy Friday!! 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

NYE Fun!

We had such a fun New Year's Eve with our friends Mindy & Marc who came to visit!! They came up on the 30th and stayed until the 1st. Here is a peak into the fun we had :-)

On Wednesday night, we went over to see the Christmas lights at the Greenbrier. Monte Durham also happened to be there hosting a fashion show! 

The first part of our NYE was spent having a slow, relaxing morning, going out for lunch, and going into some shops in downtown Lewisburg. We then came back to our house to have appetizer food, watch football, and play games! 

It was so fun to ring in the New Year with one of our favorite couples!! Especially since this is their year to become husband and wife! :-) 

Cheers to 2016! 

Friday, January 1, 2016


I must admit I fell WAY behind on blogging this year. The year was so jam packed with excitement that my blog fell by the way side. I basically went back and blogged everything that happened in November and December. However, this past year was probably one of THE best although it came with THE most change!!! I've done this survey the past several years and I love it. I just have to reflect on this year- it was a good one. 

What did you do this year that you had never done before?

I think the easier question would be what did I do that I HAD done before. Ha Ha

I lived in  Chapel Hill

I completed over 30 Pure Barre classes during my stay in Chapel Hill

I graduated with my Master's degree

I was a part of my brother's wedding and a maid of honor in my best friend's wedding 

I was given four bridal showers!

I had a bachelorette weekend

I got married!

I went on a honeymoon to St. Lucia

I moved to a new state with my husband

and I started my first job!

Did anyone close to you give birth?

My friend Sierra gave birth to her sweet baby girl, Rielynn on April 2nd.

Did anyone close to you die?

Andy's Aunt Becky and Grandpa Wallace passed away in October.

What dates from 2015 will remain etched in your memory?

OF COURSE, August 8th!!!

Did you suffer any illness or injury?
Thankfully, other than my minor gum surgery in March to fix some receding gums, I stayed healthy my last semester of graduate school. I actually ended up getting a stomach bug the week before my bachelorette weekend which was awful. Other than that, I had a week-long sinus infection in October. I'm thankful for my health this year. 

What was the best thing you bought?
I'd say the best thing I bought was paying my rent and bills with Andy, with our own money earned from our jobs, for the first time. It was such a rewarding feeling to be able to use our own money that we earned this year. 

Where did most of your money go?
Most of mine and my parents money went to our wedding!! 

What songs will remind you of 2015?
Without a doubt "Watch Me Whip." I think the songs each year just get dumber Ha ha Oh and also our first dance song too :-) Still Fallin' by Hunter Hayes

What do you wish you would have done more of?
 Oh my goodness. Answering this question is easy because I could not have possibly done more!!! I'm absolutely happy with all of life's events this year and I don't think I needed to do more of anything! Hah

What was your favorite tv program?
My favorite TV shows haven't really changed. I still love Dancing With the Stars and The Bachelor. I got into Shark Tank this fall with Andy. 

What is the best book you read this year?
I honestly didn't read many books this year either. I was able to read one over our honeymoon (The Blue Bistro by Elin Hilderbrand) and one during the month of December (Christmas Bliss by Mary Kay Andrews).  I guess those would have to be my favorites Ha Ha

What did you do on your birthday?

My birthday was filled with wedding activities, what else!? :-) I threw a bridal shower for my best friend. After Amy's shower, we rode together to pick up my bridesmaids' dresses and she had a dress fitting. I ended the day celebrating with dinner & cupcakes with my family!

Where did you travel?

 Morgantown to Andy's Barrister's Ball in March

Boone for graduation in May

Charleston, SC for Amy's Bachelorette weekend in June

Two trips to Carolina beach in May and June

West Virginia for a 4th of July at Andy's parents

Wilmington for my Bachelorette weekend in July

Lewisburg when we decided to live here the first weekend of August

St. Lucia on our honeymoon in August!

Blacksburg for a Brad Paisley concert Labor Day weekend and a football game in October

Greenville for ECU/VT game in September

A few trips home to Charlotte

and our holiday travel that I just posted about to Wilmington then a 5 day trip to Charlotte, Salemburg, and Craigsville!

I simply cannot believe how jam packed this year was. Making this post wore me out. It was so incredibly full of FUN and exciting things!!!! My wish for 2016 is for stability and contentment with some fun thrown in there too :-) 2015, you were very fun. Cheers to 2016!!