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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Besides the point that I want to give myself an award for being the worst blogger ever, I want to share my vision! My bible study through my sorority is reading Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick and everyone is discovering their passions and visions and how they want God to use them in a way that makes the sun stand still! Its so neat to hear all of my sisters' visions; it has encouraged me to want to pray and consider mine too.

 I have already mentioned on here that I have recently gained a passion for helping families of pediatric cancer patients after following so many inspiring stories of the strength these children have. When we began the book, I knew all of this but I had so many thoughts running through my head of how I could help, or what exactly I could do. Ive been praying that God would open up opportunities and people that can help me accomplish what He wants and a few things have happened the past couple weeks that have gotten me very excited! So as a college student, at a large university, God and a few others have helped me come up with...

App State Lifts UP! Ellie Potvin's family and friends have rallied together to turn a tragedy into an amazing cause by creating the Lift Up Foundation and the Lift Up Ministry. This foundation is "committed to helping individuals and families in need of encouragement and assists them in financial support. The goal is to empower the families battling childhood cancer to actively and meaningfully participate in their child's cancer care. Childhood cancer is a family disease." Just hearing this mission gets me pumped up to help these families who so desparately need inspiration and love.

There is girl at Arizona University who wanted to extend the mission and help Mrs. Amy Potvin  by creating ASU Lifts Up at her university. This is what gave me the idea to do the same at my school! This "mini" version of the foundation will have the same mission and goals. It will take a lot of prayer, time, and help for me to create this club/foundation at Appalachian but I am willing to take these risks if I can glorify God and help these families. Who wouldnt want to help these precious souls who have had the absolutely horrendous monster called cancer.

If you have read this and youre at App State and you want to HELP me, please please PLEASE let me know! I have a huge vision that only God can guide me through with the help of others.

God Bless,

PS: I want to leave you with some lyrics from a Britt Nicole song that I heard on my Pandora today that was yet another reminder for me to take on this vision and that it is possible with God's help.

"I want to set the world on fire...
You are strong enough to take my dreams
Come and give them wings, caz Lord with You
theres nothing I can not do"