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Friday, January 23, 2015

Five on Friday!

I'm linking up with Darci from The Good Life Blog to share five thoughts on this Friday night!

I've been in Chapel Hill for two weeks already! The time is flying! I'm really enjoying my internship. I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to learn about a completely different type of therapy that I didn't get a chance to learn about at App. I'm also already falling in love with my sweet clients and having so much fun! Thankful, thankful. 

I've been sharing a room with my best frand for two weeks now too! I think it is so fun that we ended up having a chance to live together right before we both get married!! I took pictures of our room to send to my mom and I decided to share them here for memories sake. Enjoy our little room tour ;) 

Looking to the right when walking in our door is my bed

Amy's bed

Amy's blue and white shelf that we split in half ;)

View of the door from my bed

Our bathroom

My side of the closet

It is really roomy and the perfect space for us to spend 4 months together!

My first weekend here was full of fun, friends, and family. Friday night I got dinner at Maggianos with my bestie, Laura! I'm so glad we live close by again because we have so much fun together!! It was wonderful to catch up and enjoy a delicious meal. They also have really good gluten free, corn pasta! Saturday I met my mom in Salemburg to visit my Grandaddy. We got dinner together and he took us to a Bluegrass barn. That is definitely something I will never forget ;) HaHa Sunday I got to have lunch with my lovely little, Hannah on Franklin St! She is from the Chapel Hill area and it was so nice to get together with one of my Boonies! :) My mom also stopped by on her way home to see my new apartment and go to Southpoint. I love when my Mom visits me! Whew. That was a lot of recapping and not many pictures to show for it! 

On a totally unrelated, sad note: if you're reading this will you please say a prayer for my Appalachian State family? Two more student deaths have happened this week. That makes 6 student deaths this year and 4 of them have been suicide. This makes me so incredibly sad. Boone is such a wonderful, friendly, welcoming town and I just hope that we can do something, soon, that will help these students who feel hopeless during their college years. 

& just because I miss my handsome fiancé and we are now under 200 days in our wedding countdown!!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas Break Wrap-Up

Well, my last Christmas break ever has come to a close. It is time for me to head to Chapel Hill and start my internship! I wanted to document some of the highlights of my last week spent at home this break.

I had a lot to get done this week! I had internship material to read, packing/organizing to get done, and wedding planning to nail down. But I threw in some fun too :)

As always, I loved spending time with my side kicks! 

Andy came back into town on Monday night for some fun wedding appointments! We went to three cake tastings and also chose our menu at the wedding at the city club! :) 

Side note- this picture was taken at the bakery who had THE most expensive cake, which we did not end up choosing. The other two places where we had tastings made whole cakes for us to taste and then take home with us! Now that was a sweet complimentary tasting! 

Now, I'm all packed up and ready to head to Chapel Hill! I can't believe I'm not heading back up the mountain to the Boonies. Here's to new adventures! 

Goodnight from Chapman and I :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

A West Virginia New Year

On New Year's Eve, I drove up to West Virginia to ring in the new year with my in-lawmosts! ;) It was a beautiful drive! The sun was out but many trees in Virginia were snow covered.

Andy always teases me every time I visit saying I don't appreciate small town life, being the city girl that I am. But I really do enjoy visiting! I like to think about how different things are and I love to document it. When I got there, we stopped by the dairy bar in his town. 

That evening we laid low, watched movies, and hung out until the ball dropped. We are such party animals ;)

and just because of Eric's face

After the ball dropped, we made a toast to the year that we're getting married!!!!! CHEERS! It is also the year that I graduate with my master's, Andy graduates with his law degree, and I get to watch (and be a part of) my brother and my best friend get married!! 2015 is SUCH an exciting year and I can't wait for it to get it started!

On New Year's Day, Andy took me exploring to the mountain tops near his town to see the windmills. It felt like we drove for days on dirt roads but the view was so pretty. Once we got back into town we grabbed dinner for our date night. It was a good day with my man :)

We spent time together watching movies and going over our registry on Friday before I had to head home. It was a fun trip and a great way to ring in the new year!

Happy 2015!

So Long Pine Ridge!

I gave my thoughts on moving and leaving Boone in this post but I wanted to document my move-out day. 

On Saturday, December 27th my family drove up to Boone with me to completely move me out of my last Boone apartment. This was by far the nicest apartment I lived in during college and it was SO cozy and homey. It was truly the perfect place to live during graduate school. I will miss you 304!!

Yes, I wore my Boone shirt because, duh ;)

One last drive down those beautiful mountains! <3 Until next time Boone...

The Great-Long Christmas Post of 2014

Christmas week was full of family, fun, and more traveling!

{Christmas cookie baking}

 Is that not the coziest scene ever?

{Christmas Eve at Dad's}

Padme thought she was Queen of Christmas 

Kendall always comes up with tricky ways to hide presents and make opening presents fun. This year, instead of stockings we had all of our stocking stuffers wrapped in yarn. It was quite entertaining to unravel it all. When Will and Leah arrived Leah asked me if I was knitting ha ha

thats nail polish in there!

All of that was wrapped up in yarn! 

& the only other picture I took was of the "cardboard box" Kevin got for his cats. Its like a little maze that the cats must paw at to move their treats around to push them outside to eat. It was funny seeing Jethro give it a try.

{Christmas morning at Mom's}
Will and Leah brought Nala over so we had quite the dog show-down. Chapman thinks he's human and acts crazy around other dogs ha ha

We had a yummy breakfast and then opened gifts!

We then got ready and headed to Salemburg for a Royal Christmas!

{Christmas evening in Salemburg}

Faith and I drove separately since I was the last in the shower & mom had to get there early to cook her casseroles. We got to the family life center just in time to greet the fam and say prayers before our big meal. The night can be summed up with a bunch of random candid pictures of my little cousins playing and my sisters and I acting crazy. We ended the night by hanging out at Grandaddy's with my mom's brother, sisters, and a few of my older cousins. The traveling may seem like a lot but I'm so glad we all still get together, even if it's just for a few hours. I love seeing all my cousins and how our family grows each year! 

It was so funny and cute to see Grandaddy sweeping up as my uncles were folding up the tables and chairs. 

I traveled back home Friday morning and Christmas week ended by moving out of my apartment. Christmas flew by this year and I can't believe how fast it came and went. It was a good one though, and my last Christmas as a single lady! :)