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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Winter Highlights {Jan & Feb}

This winter has slipped right by us. It has been so incredibly mild that it's been quite exhausting Haha We have had a total of ONE snow day so far. This means sickness has been awful and honestly, the kids need a break from one another Haha Unlike schools that don't deal with snow, we have NO scheduled days off from MLK day until Easter (which is April 16th this year!). Anyways… all that to say, we've been laying low and taking it easy :) 

Here are a few highlights from January and February:


Amy and Tyler came to visit in January and we spent the day at Snowshoe. We always enjoy time with them!!


We haven't had many real snowflakes, but it was a sweet surprise when one of my kiddos ran up to me in the hallway saying she made this for me :-)

Sewing table

It took a LOT of work, but Andy finished my sewing table!! I can't wait to get back into sewing.

App State bound

I'd say the most exciting highlight so far this winter is that Anna made the decision to go to App next year!!! I'm so proud of her for working hard and getting into some great colleges. I'm also a little biased, but I think she picked an amazing school :-)

Valentine's Day

We had a low-key Valentine's Day which was exactly what we both wanted. I arrived home to some packages on our stoop! Andy brought home Panera for dinner. We love going out to eat so we celebrated that Saturday with dinner at The Livery Tavern. I just love him so much and I don't mind that we have a holiday to emphasize it :-)

Becky's "Sprinkle"

I was so excited to host a sprinkle for my friend Becky and her baby girl, Abby. She already has a little boy so our bible study decided to surprise her with a little sprinkle! It was so much fun. I love these friends.


We wrapped up February with a trip home to Charlotte! We hadn't seen my family since Christmas so it was great to see everyone :-) Of course, the only pictures I took were when we got Duck donuts on Saturday. They were so. delicious.!!

Whew! That was a long post. There were many weekends that we didn't do much at all, but two months crammed into a post seems like a lot :-) 

Cheers to March!