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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

Hey y'all! I'm linking up with Shay for March's edition of What's Up Wednesday.

I always want to participate, but it seems like it will turn into an extra long post, so I don't have time to finish it :-) Let's get started!

What I'm Eating

I meal plan every time we shop. I just simply cannot go to the store without a plan and a list! So what's on the menu for this week is:

Chicken Pot Pie
from Taste of Home

Breakfast for Dinner

We have started to eat out every Wednesday because of church

We'll be traveling Friday, so we'll most likely eat dinner on the road.

What I'm Reminiscing About

Travel. And the beach. And tropical places. I'm in serious need of some sand, waves, and sunshine!

What I'm Loving

I'm really loving my bible study right now. We are going through the book of Acts and Warren Wiersbe's "Be" book, "Be Daring." It focuses on being bold and daring in your witness for Christ. This is also the theme for our church this year. I'm hoping and praying I can really live this out this year. 

Also... babies!! Between two of my closest friends here, there are 3 babies under 8 months old. I'm loving all the sweet snuggles I get when I see my friends :-)

What We've Been Up To

March has been another pretty slow month for us. We celebrated Eric's birthday in Craigsville the first weekend of March.

We finally got some snow! A whopping 3 inches ;-) It gave me two snow days though which was a blessing!!

Andy has been on a few adventurous trips with the youth group: skiing and caving! He's also made a few extra trips home to his parents. We've fit in a couple date nights too though!

I'm also thankful for the time we've gotten to spend with our friends this month :-)

What I'm Dreading

I'm dreading finding a doctor. I still don't have a PCP here in Lewisburg. I just dread everything about the doctor so calling around sounds awful to me. Thanks to insurance and a summer physical, I need to get on it though. 

What I'm Working On

The past couple weeks I've been doing some research related to something that might be happening this weekend!! I can't wait to share more if it works out :-)

What I'm Excited About

Well, I'm excited about what we're doing this weekend!! But I'm also SUPER pumped about SPRING BREAK! Goodness gracious, it is late this year. I'm counting down the days and we've got 2 more weeks. I'm getting to go to one of my favorite places with my Nana and Papa :-)

What I'm Watching/Reading

I haven't done much reading lately besides the Bible and my bible study book. I have been on a Dance Moms kick though. #guiltypleasure I don't usually watch it live, but I just finished going back and watching most of season 6 and season 7.

What I'm Wearing

It's finally sandals season!! I've also been wearing a lot of sweaters with short sleeves for chilly mornings and warm afternoons. I'm not fashion forward enough to take pictures of myself in the clothes I wear to work ;-) 

What I'm Doing This Weekend

I've mentioned that we're doing something extra exciting and we're also spending time with some of our closest friends!!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month

Did I mention Spring Break??!? I'm also looking forward to spending Easter with my family and my birthday :-) 

Not much else is new around here! I may be back next week to share some exciting news... we'll see!