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Friday, August 28, 2015

Our Wedding Week

I just had to document these special memories from the week of our wedding!

Practicing for our father-daughter dance

My last hair trim before the big day. I couldn't believe how long it was even after being trimmed.

My favorite meal as my last meal at home with my family as a single woman 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our First Week Home

We have come up for air after a weeks worth of unpacking, sorting, & organizing to say a huge THANK YOU to our parents!!! Y'all, we have the best. We arrived in Lewisburg last Sunday with all our furniture & boxes already inside our home! They even bought us groceries to hold us over our 1st few days! Pictured is the sweet note my Momma left us when we got in from the airport Saturday night & the gift our best friends brought US when THEY picked us up at the airport after midnight!!! We have felt so loved & blessed this week & we can't thank you enough

Headed to our new home place!

After our parents left on Sunday afternoon, we began unpacking and trying to understand how we could possibly be standing in our own home!!! We had mexican take-out for dinner & we ended the night by toasting to our new lives together and I'm not kidding, we saw a shooting star. How amazing is God!?

The rest of the week was spent working (Andy) and unpacking (me & Andy at night). We got our internet up and running, our TV delivered from Mark, and most of our other utilities transferred to our name. We had more (frozen) dinners together. ;-) We even got our P.O. box. 

Friday night was super special. I made taco soup and we watched TV together after Andy's first week of work. 

On Saturday, Andy's parents came to visit and go to the WV State Fair with us, which is in our new town :-) 

This past week may have been exhausting but it was so incredibly sweet. We are married. We are together. We are thankful :-)

Sunday, August 16, 2015

The new Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Dayne Isabell

We've returned from an absolutely amazing week in St. Lucia!! We are so incredibly greatful for all of the sweet love & support we received last week! Our wedding was truly a perfect day, thanks to all those who celebrated with us! We are relaxed, rejuvenated, and excited to begin our lives together as husband & wife!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Lewisburg, WV

Writing the name of that town is so, so, very special. Andy and I have FINALLY found the place where God is wanting us to start our lives together!!! 

This was our announcement: 

After a year of job searching and everyone wondering WHERE we were going to live... we'd like to annouce that we will be moving to the beautiful town of Lewisburg, WV to start our lives together!!!

This past weekend, Andy and I visited Lewisburg, WV together and we knew it was the place for us. Andy accepted a job clerking for a judge in the next county over from Lewisburg, and I interviewed for a position in the school system here. 

We also said goodbye to each other and long distance for the last time EVER. 

We are extremely thankful to have gotten to this point. We have a place to live, a place to start our lives together. So now it's finally time for us to say "I do!" in ONE WEEK.