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Monday, June 27, 2016

WV Flood

Well, this past week full of VBS fun has ended in a very sad way. Our part of West Virginia was hit with flooding last Thursday and it devastated our county, and many other surrounding areas. VBS was cancelled, the courthouse was closed, and most of our county was shut down on Friday. We had lost power and we were told we were on a boil water advisory. 

It wasn't until seeing images on Facebook and watching the news that we learned how tragic this flooding was. Thank God we were safe and our home was completely fine. Thousands in our community cannot say the same. 14 people in our county were killed and so many homes and businesses were destroyed. 

I've never been in an area that has experienced disaster like this before. On Saturday, dozens of disaster relief organizations came and relief efforts have been constant since then. I have not been to the areas of our community that were devastated, as we have been asked not to unless we are delivering supplies. Andy and I have tried to help when we can, but it is going to take a very long time to recover. 

Our community will need constant prayer in the weeks and months to come. 

Monday, June 20, 2016

June Highlights

Summer is in full swing over here for this speech teacher!!! June has been a whirlwind and I wanted to recap the fun we've had!

Golf Tournament

Andy played with some guys from church in a local golf tournament benefitting a woman who went to our church and worked at one of my schools. I got to go and hang out with Becky and Ethan in the shade, while our husbands played in the hot sun :-) 

That night, we had a cookout with the Isabells and the next morning we officially joined our new church! 

Last week of work 

Andy put together our new deck furniture and we enjoyed several dinners and sunsets outside. 

We had to take a selfie on the last day of work!! If we had to share an office closet together, I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else! It was a good year spending lunch breaks with Rachel and Carolina in our closet. We'll miss Carolina!! 

Andy cooked a delicious steak dinner for my first night of summer. 

Then, the next night we got take-out pizza and enjoyed a concert on the Ivy Terrace in front of our town's Carnegie Hall. It was the perfect summer night spent seeing friends and listening to music! 

River Float

Well, we got to take our first float down the Greenbrier River and it was quite eventful. Ha ha It took us forever to find and inflate floats, so we ended up with one, long float we both sat on. Once we were in the water, we realized I had locked my key in my car (thankfully, we had Andy's that was to his truck at the other end of our float). So, we set off on our float, and about 2 hours in, we got a hole in our float! It just so happened that not much further down the river, there was a family hanging out on the banks that was so kind to just drive us to Andy's truck. Bless it. We enjoyed it while it lasted Ha! 

Week in Charlotte

Since my mom and sisters were out of school, I decided to go spend the week in Charlotte while Andy stayed back to work and study. I'm so thankful for this time I got to see all of my favorites in Charlotte. Weekends are always SO rushed, trying to see everyone. 

I got to see my mom's family to celebrate my cousin Chip's high school graduation, 

spend a day with Sierra and Rielynn,

spend lots of time shopping, going to brunch, and enjoying days with my mom and sisters, 

see Will many times and celebrate Father's Day with my Dad,

& I end the week having lunch with Amy! 

My week in Charlotte was good for my soul and I was so excited to get back and see Andy!! It was the longest we had spent apart since we've been married. The day after I got back was absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed going to church and having brunch together. 

Now it's time for VBS week!!!