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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Our Love Story

Soooo... I've been contemplating writing out me & Andy's love story for a while. It's quite complicated. Many say it could be a book or a movie ha ha So what better time to write it out than near Valentine's Day? I decided I'm going to write it in several "parts" when I have the time! Stay tuned :)

Friday, January 24, 2014



Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A Big Day!

Today was not only my first therapy session, but it was also my great friend and roommate, Mindy's birthday!! As stated earlier on Instagram…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the few girls that have been able to be there for me for my whole college experience!! I'm so thankful for your constant friendship all these years! I hope you had a fabulous day! :)

I met Mindy at ECU and we both transferred to App sophomore year. We lived together that year and now again as grad students! She's a blessing in my life so it has been fun celebrating her! We started by celebrating last night at Makoto's with Mindy's family and it was a good time. The food was delicious, as always, and her boyfriend's mom and her aunt brought yummy desserts!


This morning before my session at 9:20, Mindy opened her gift and we all ate breakfast together. 

We went our separate ways for the day, (Mindy found out that turning 23 means "life" keeps going on, even on your birthday ;) until the snow started pouring down! I took the first picture around 1:00 and by 5:00 the parking lot was covered! 

Sadly, Mindy's birthday dinner tonight was cancelled but I decided to make my "famous" taco soup and we watched shows all night that made us feel better about our life decisions ha ha

It was fun celebrating Mindy the last two days and a nice "snowed in" evening for all of us. These are the memories I love creating in Boone :)

Monday, January 20, 2014

Thank the Lord for long weekends!

Whew! I think the university has a good thing goin' starting classes the week before MLK weekend because it is MUCH needed after the first week back. 

Last week was "hell week" as defined by our professors and it sure did wear us out. We received all the information on our clients and were drowning in lesson plans by Wednesday. I was focused on my four clients so intently that some days I would briefly forget I had class at night. This semester is going to be a long one but I'm SO excited AND nervous to begin my first therapy sessions this week!!!!

Andy came down for the weekend and I was SO thrilled to see him!! He makes any week better :) He didn't get here until late Friday so we ate some mexican and then just hung out. 

Saturday we escaped to West Jefferson with Amy & Tyler for 24 hours of peace & relaxation!!

Tyler's family has a cabin where there is no cell phone reception or internet and it was a treat to not have those distractions for a while!

We just enjoyed each other's company, played games, and watched movies. Amy & I have been best friends since we were babies and I'm so glad that now the four of us have such a good time together. During breakfast on Sunday we discussed all the places we want to travel together before having kids:
Alaskan cruise
New York City
… the list will keep growing I'm sure ;)

Sadly, Andy and I had to head back to my place to get work done after breakfast Sunday. However, we did fit in a very early Valentine's Day dinner at Red Onion. Who knows when we'll get to see each other again so we went out just in case.

We only got two solo pictures & a selfie… this is what our pictures have come to ha ha

The weekend ended by celebrating Mindy's birthday with her family at Makotos! More on that tomorrow :) Here's to a week FULL of learning from my first ever therapy sessions! 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday!

Hey! It is already January 10th?! This month is flying! Hopefully I can still say that once the semester starts up next week ;)

1. Well, this last week of Christmas break turned out to be a lot busier than I had planned. I knew I was going to have a lot of appointments to get them all out of the way before heading back to school but… didn't realize just how many. My first appointment of the week was with a chiropractor since I have been having neck pain (including popping) and bad neck headaches frequently for a while. I'm not really sure what I thought he was going to say but it turns out that my neck is VERY misaligned. ouch! He wanted to see me every. single. day. this week for adjustments. I also started stretches on this bad boy to hopefully reverse the problem. I'm at least thankful I found the reason for these headaches! Just didn't know it would consume my whole last week of break hah

2. Thankfully,  I've been able to do some fun stuff since being home from WV too. I had a best frand date with Amy, dinner at my dad's house, and the mall/dinner & coffee/donuts with mom :) Over the weekend and once this week I also spent time with S & E. Last night was my last time seeing them this break and I always miss them when I go back to school! 

(after nap smiles)

3. I have been on a never ending search for wellies for quite some time! Even when I was smaller & in shape in high school, my calves have always been huge. Gotta love genetics. Anyways- it makes me sad I can't wear cute wellies like Hunters. It is also ridiculous to live in Boone and not have rain boots! So I've searched and searched. I finally came across these and I'm hoping they do the trick. They are made in Europe though so I'll have to wait a long time to get them *sigh*

4. This may be the longest I've ever waited to get a planner for the year. I have gotten a Lilly Pulitzer planner the last few Christmases and not getting one this year kind of threw me off. As I was sitting down to organize all the meetings I have next week I realized… I still don't have a planner. ha ha I SO wish I would have ordered an Erin Condren life planner. The more I look at one the more I want one SO badly!! I guess I'll just have to get one at office max this year. Theres always next year! (That was a really early Christmas present hint ;)

5. Tomorrow will be filled with packing and errands. I probably hate this part of going back to school the most. I wish I could just have everything I need at home and at school ha ha I have decided to head back Sunday morning to be back early enough to watch the Panthers game (and avoid the traffic in Charlotte). I can't believe they have done so well this year!! I'm excited to watch :)

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Eve {a look back at the last 8}

I had fun celebrating the New Year with Andy and his family in WV! I drove up there on Monday and we rang in the new year at his brother & sister in law's house! There is something exciting about counting down to the new year, watching the ball drop, and toasting to the year to come. I am looking forward to 2014- I have a feeling it is going to bring on a LOT of hard work at school & maybe some other exciting things along the way ;)

I was ready to go with my mint & coral (colors of the year ha ;) and glitter NYE nails!

Cheers to 2014!

Theres no one else I'd rather kiss at midnight ;)

Speaking of kissing… Andy's brother Eric received his New Year's kiss from their beautiful niece Sadie baha

Now… I got to thinking this year- Andy and I have been able to celebrate the new year together for EIGHT years. Let's take a look back shall we?

New Year's Day

In Charlotte 

In Memphis!

In Memphis again :)
Don't we look cold out on Beale St? Haha

In Charlotte
I don't have any pictures from this year because I had just gotten my wisdom teeth taken out. However, my sweet man still came down to celebrate the New Year on the couch with me. I may or may not have had to eat chili from a blender that night… yikes

In Charlotte
Barrett's House with my favorites

In Charlotte 
At Amy's

& 2014 

I'm one lucky girl to have started and ended all these years with this guy :)