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Sunday, March 11, 2018

Work Stoppage

I'm back to real-time blogging!

Things have been pretty crazy around here since the last time I posted. Other than my computer being dead, I've been a part of something that I never would have imagined the past few weeks. The teacher unions in West Virginia officially called a work stoppage that began February 22nd. Schools were closed for 9 days from start to finish. 

Despite whether or not I wanted to participate, I simply couldn't because of my job and my husband's job. That being said, I'm going to share what the last couple weeks have looked like for me. 

The first few days were BEAUTIFUL! I'm talkin' in the 70s. I got to have a park and lunch date with Becky and the kids.

Luci and I made sure to stay outside as much as we possibly could!

Over the weekend, Dawn and I got our craft on for a fundraiser.

During the next week, I got a lot of housework done, Luci went to the groomer, and we made sure to keep the windows open too :-)

 Last Friday, we headed down to Charlotte to see my family :-)

On Sunday we had family lunch after church and celebrated Anna's birthday!

I found out that schools were still closed Monday while we were still in Charlotte, so I decided to stay two extra days and catch a ride with Dawn on Tuesday. This meant I got to watch the Bachelor finale with my sisters, do some more shopping, and even have breakfast with Amy!

Finally, on Tuesday March 6th, they announced that schools would be re-opening on March 7th.

This was just in time for me to attend the WV Speech-Language Conference Wednesday-Friday. I rode up to Bridgeport with Dawn and Alexanne on Wednesday. We got 14 hours of continuing ed, ate some delicious pizza, and did some shopping. 

By the time we got home Friday, I was WORN out. The traveling and "conferencing" made for a long week. 

I never would have expected to miss 2 weeks of school in Feb/March, but I'm looking forward to seeing my students tomorrow and finishing out this school year!!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Computer Troubles

Whew! A lot of craziness has happened since the last time I blogged. 

My computer completely crashed shortly after my last post. I spent hours on the phone with Apple between FOUR different phone calls. They ended up telling me I just needed to take it into the store. Hard part is there isn't a store ANY where near us. So, I had to wait until our trip to Charlotte last weekend to get it fixed. Thankfully, it was just a wiring issue so with the (sort of) inexpensive purchase of a hard drive cable, it was fixed! 

I am now going back and updating things since my last post. In keeping order, I will still leave things chronological :-) But just know, nothing has really been blogged since the middle of January ;-)

Monday, February 19, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up: Valentine's Edition

Last Wednesday was Valentine's Day and while it was a normal work-then-church day for us, Andy and I each had a surprise for one another when we got home :-)

I couldn't believe that Andy had gotten me diamond earrings!!! They are beautiful!

We also got a sweet card from Andy's parents in the mail.

We didn't really "celebrate" Valentine's Day until Friday evening when Andy made reservations at the French Goat. We ate there for our first married Valentine's dinner and I was excited to go back!

I was obviously too distracted by digging in that I forgot to take a picture of my main course ;-) It was all delicious!

Saturday afternoon we headed up to Craigsville to visit Andy's family. It snowed pretty hard on our drive up!

We came home later that evening so that we could have a relaxing Sunday at home. I just love my sweetheart! :-)

Monday, February 5, 2018

Weekend Wrap-Up: Snow Day Edition

We just had quite the snowy weekend!! It was the snow we've had since 2016! 

We had a slow Saturday morning before going bowling with our church that afternoon.

The snow started to fall super early on Sunday morning and we already had a few inches by church time so church was cancelled.

Do you think Luci wanted us to open the window? ;-)

It kept snowing hard all morning so Andy and I decided to go out and play around noon. We had never gone sledding down the BIG hill right by our townhome.

Luci loved playing in the snow & she gets the cutest snow beard!

After about an hour, we came inside and I made some snow cream :-)

We got ice last night so today was another "Reimagined Time Day" Now that we've had a pretty good snow, I think I'm officially ready for warmer weather now :-)