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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up

Whew! The past few weeks have been PACKED! I traveled to NC for my cousin's wedding, then Andy traveled to Morgantown for Eric's graduation, then this past weekend Andy had a youth retreat. We've spent 3 weekends apart!! 

I wanted to document my weekend in Raleigh though before we head on our trip to NYC this weekend!! 

On Friday May 5th, I headed to Raleigh and I got to spend the night with Barrett! I loved seeing her place. It is the cutest "studio" apartment ever!

On Saturday, I got to spend time with Laura! We went to the state farmer's market and ate some delicious seafood. The flowers were beautiful! Then we did some shopping :-)

I just love my Raleigh girls!!

That night, I headed over to Youngsville to attend my cousin Melissa's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony (that Phil officiated!) and you could tell she put so much time into all the cute little details!

It was a fun weekend with friends and family!!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Luci Diaries {3 Months}

Luci turns 4 months old next week, so I thought I'd give a little update from her last several weeks :-) 

She rocked her first vet appointment and she got a healthy report! She was 10 lbs and I'm pretty sure she's already grown since then Hah 

Luci had her first trip to Charlotte over Spring Break. She got to meet Chapman and proceeded to worry him to death ;-) 

She continues to be the best little traveler!

Luci took her first trip to the beach with Nana and Papa! The sand didn't seem to phase her and she preferred to be under my chair in the shade.

Luci also had her worst night of sleep EVER (!!) at the beach. She wouldn't sleep in her crate, she barked all night long, and she FINALLY passed out around 6:30am that morning.

After this one horrible night, we gave in to her sleeping with us and of course, she has slept great since.

We've spent a lot of time outside! 

She found a fun spot on the couch, and she loves when we pull up the blinds.

Luci went to the groomer for the first time!! I couldn't believe how funny she looked with her curls blown out. She was SO soft and smelled great though :-)


& after!

Luci has started going to the door and barking when she needs to potty. This is probably the most exciting part of the last few weeks!! She is still having some accidents, but we've made progress! 

She gave me the cutest Mother's Day card ever ;-) 

I think that's about it for Luci's 3rd month.  She is growing fast and we just love our girl so much!! 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

April Highlights

April was a busy and fun month!

Of course, the biggest highlight came at the beginning of the month when we got Luci. April held a lot of other fun and exciting things though!!

We headed to Charlotte on the 14th to celebrate Easter with my family :-) 

Game night with the Royals is always a good time!

Easter Sunday

While Dad and Kendall were over at Mom and Phil's, we celebrated mine and Will's birthdays :-)

Andy had to head back home on Sunday, but it was Spring Break for Luci and I!! We got to spend some time in Myrtle Beach with Nana and Papa.

After heading back home, we got a chance to shower Amanda and her baby girl on the way that Saturday :-) 

My birthday was on a Tuesday this year, so Andy spoiled me before and after work :-) 

My sweet neighbor made us a blueberry cobbler

& I got some fun snail mail! Do you think people know what my favorite color is? :-) 

I just love the sunsets we see from our deck!

We wrapped up April by celebrating my birthday having dinner at Drapers. It was so delicious!! We also ordered the famous banana split that could feed a small army Ha ha

April was a big month and now I'm on the final stretch before summer!!