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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Skygram Series

God has painted some beautiful skies this semester! They have been something I've needed on my early morning commutes and at the end of long days. This semester has been the toughest by far, but I'm thankful for these simple reminders that God is always here.


& Sunsets

Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up {Happy early Birthday Andy!}

Friday after class, I headed to WV to spend the weekend at the Isabell house for Andy's birthday :) His birthday actually falls on a Saturday this year but we can't be together because of law school duties... why else? 

Friday night, Eric & Mackenzie brought us pumpkins to carve :) Andy's dad carved one too but he finished in about 5 minutes, hence him not being in the pictures Ha ha

The line up :) Can you guess which is mine? Bet you can't guess Andy's ;)

Eric's ended up needing nails to hold it together Ha ha

There's Mr. Isabell's and Andy's

and here is mine :)

I will shamelessly show how it looked in the light. It was probably the most pitiful pumpkin I've ever carved haha But at least it looked decent in the dark ;)

We hung out on Saturday and then went to dinner for Andy's birthday once Mark and Stephanie came to town. Afterwards, we sang to Andy and he blew out the candles in his mom's scratch cake.

Sunday pictures after church :) 

Andy likes to make fun of himself when his lenses transition Haha

I love this handsome guy and I'm so glad I got to celebrate him this weekend. I am incredibly thankful we've spent so many birthdays together and I have a feeling this year is going to be a good one :) 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Fun Night with My East Villagers

Any night spent with Brittany and Katlyn is worth documenting :) 
Last night we had some amazing tomato basil parmesan soup and carved a pumpkin! 

Our pumpkin turned out so cute!

I will always miss living with these crazy cool kids!

And lastly, after we took the above picture, we realized our heads looked like a snowman Ha ha! Three seasons in one picture.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The F's of Fall Break

My Fall Break started with seeing some of my very Favorite people!
I stayed with Amy on Wednesday night before touring my spring internship site on Thursday. We had a lot to catch up on! I'm getting so excited to live with her in the spring!

Thursday afternoon I got to meet up with another one of my favorites, Barrett :) We ran some errands together and we got to catch up too! We hadn't seen each other since the end of July and that was much too long!

On Thursday night I went to the NC State Fair with another one of my favorites, Laura! I have never been the the state fair in my 23 years of life so it was high time to go! Laura has always gone every year with her family so she's a pro. She was the perfect friend to share my First experience with :)

Our first order of business was seeing Laura's sister Mari's picture that made it to the photography display and then... having some red velvet cake fried Oreos! Oh. my. word. Yes, I am still on the Daniel Plan, and my stomach hated me afterward, BUT I was going to have the fair experience and these babies were delicious.

Of course I wore my Home, Sweet, Home NC shirt!

Only besties split the last Oreo ;)

Our next stop was to see all the local vendors, which included the decorative cake contest winners. Can you get over this sushi cake? It looked like a real platter of sushi Hah

Then we went over to the expo center to see the largest pumpkins and look at the animals

Theres no way that watermelon is actually edible! Haha

After the expo center, we headed to watch the pig races! This was probably one of my favorite things. They were so cute :P

We walked by a hot pretzel stand and had to split one! Pretzels are our thing haha 

We made our way to the Ferris Wheel next. I was excited to see all the fair lights from above! 

We got on just as the fireworks were starting!

We saw the finale from the ground :)

On our walk towards the exit, I noticed something on my pants that definitely wasn't the color of anything I had eaten. Laura's Uncle Troy had spilt some of his hotdog on his pants earlier so we couldn't escape the #FairFunk Haha

We ended with some official state fair ice cream & stopping by a fun house to end the night!

It was such a Fun night! 

On Friday, I left Raleigh super early so that I could meet my parents at the City Club for a meeting with our wedding planner, Nathan. It was an absolutely delicious, and Fancy meal. It made me so excited to have our meal tasting with Andy to choose our dinner for the wedding! :)

Then, the rest of Fall Break was spent hanging out and laying low with the Fam. I don't know what it was, probably a mixture of exhaustion and reality setting in about all the changes that are coming soon; but I was in a total Funk on Saturday and Sunday. I just felt stressed and overwhelmed at my workload this semester and it hit me all at once! As I was driving back into Boone on Sunday night, I felt at peace again. It quickly made me realize how much Boone feels like home now. I am SO excited for everything coming up in the next year but all the change is going to be hard. I'm hopeful that the rest of this semester will go by quickly, because the workload is insane, but that I'll be able to enjoy every minute I have left in Boone!