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Saturday, May 24, 2014

{Break} in Bullets

Thankfully after my last post, I started feeling MUCH better!! I was able to enjoy my second week of break and finally have some fun :)

  • Saturday I spent the afternoon with E while S and their mom went out. When they got back we went to dinner together. Does she not just make you die of cuteness? This was on our walk ha ha


  • Monday night I watched the Dancing With the Stars finale (SO excited Meryl and Maks won) and the Bachelorette premiere with my mom and sisters. It was a good night of TV :)

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday I got some much needed best frand time!! Of course we were too busy catching up and having a good time to take pictures ;) We had lunch together, laid out by the pool, and got mani/pedis. 
  • Thursday also included getting froyo with my friend Kaley and going to dinner with my dad and Kendall. It was a full, fun day! 
  • Thursday and Friday mornings were spent with my sidekicks :) 

  • Friday night I went downtown with my mom, Phil, and sisters. We grabbed a Mellow Mushroom  pizza and watched the Knights fireworks from the park nearby. It was so fun. I would do that every Friday night if I could :) We then walked a few blocks down to where my venue is!! I love my city.

  • I wrapped up the week with a party at Fab'rik tonight with Anna and her friends!

Now I'm sitting here wondering how my {first} summer break is over already. I'm excited to spend the summer in Boone. I'm looking forward to a lot of fun mixed in with all the work :) 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Can't Catch a {Break}

My 2 week summer break has started off with a whole lot of yucky-ness. 

On Mother's Day I woke up feeling absolutely horrible. I had the worst the sinus pressure and the "tingly-nose-bad-allergies" feeling along with it. I toughed it out, went to church, lunch, and a movie with the family to celebrate my Momma. Can you tell how bad I felt in this picture?

But when we got home I crashed. By Monday morning, I had been up all night with no relief from decongestants, benadryl, and advil so I headed to urgent care. The doctor didn't think it was an infection but really bad swelling/inflammation from hay fever. Fun.  I was prescribed a steroid along with taking extra allergy meds among other things. I was surely hoping this concoction was going to get me feeling better! The doctor also ordered that I stay inside for 5 whole days. (Just what you want to hear on your summer break right!?)

By Tuesday night I was feeling a little better. My puppy got a bath to wash the pollen off of him and I was planning on heading to Greenville, SC with my best friend Amy to visit Erin

Then, I woke up Wednesday morning looking like this and feeling awful again. Such a bummer. Thankfully it wasn't pink eye but I still couldn't believe how much sinus pressure I was having so I had to cancel my plans.

Amy sent me this picture on Wednesday and I just about died from cuteness. I'm so sad I didn't get to go to Greenville with her to see Erin and Hadley. I hope we can plan another trip soon!

Thankfully, by Friday I was feeling a little better. I still had some sinus pressure but I could at least breathe through my nose! So after being house bound for 4 days I had to bust out! I got Starbucks and went to a few stores just to look around. I ended my outing by going downtown to drive by my venue :) I really need to share details asap!! It is kind of sad that little outing was the highlight of my week hah

I'm determined to have some fun this weekend and not let this sinus stuff get to me anymore. I'm convinced now that my sinuses just may not clear until I get back to Boone ha ha Here's to my second week of break being better than the first!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Andy's Visit to Boone

I'm finished!!!! My last two exams are over with and I am home for my two week beginning-of-summer break!! 

Andy was finished with his exams last Friday so he came to visit me on Tuesday until today when he went home before my last exam. This was the first time we'd seen each other since we got engaged!! Almost 2 whole months apart. We had a wonderful time and I'm going to let the pictures do most of the talking :)

When Andy got to Boone Tuesday, we joined Mindy, Marc, Meghan, and one of Marc's friends at the Brewery after my first final. I loved it! I think we'll be going there a lot this summer :)

before we left

Wednesday Andy and I went golfing at Boone Country Club. Well, he golfed. I drove the golf cart ;)

It's a beautiful course!!

I love watching him golf :)

We went to a nice dinner at Casa Rustica after golfing to celebrate my birthday :)

Thursday we went to Banner Elk Winery!

Sadly, they were out of the blueberry wine Mindy has raved about but we decided to get a glass of the Seyval- a little more bitter than I like but pretty good.

Next stop, Which-Wich picnic at Wildcat Lake

Then we decided to visit Grandfather Mountain Winery on the way home. I'm SO glad we did because we did the "sweet" tasting, much more my speed ;)

We didn't get any glasses here but I thought it was a beautiful setting to sit by the river a drink a glass of wine :) We will definitely be back.

Thursday night we ordered pizza and App Cookie Co! Such a good time with my main man. I always, always hate to see him leave. Thankful that there are only 3 weeks in between when I'm seeing him again this time. 

Monday, May 5, 2014

End of the Year Shenanigans!

This past week my laptop got a face lift ;) It was part of my Easter basket that came in the mail a week later! My aunt Kim made the monogram for it and I think it looks fantastic :)

I also got some new clothes for the summer (I LOVE Old Navy's summer line every year) along with a new shirt from the Boone Souvenir Shop. I think it is my new favorite t-shirt!

My last weekend in Boone mostly looked like it usually does. Cleaning and laying around Friday night and take-out and a movie Saturday night! The past several weekends the fun has come on Sunday. I guess I'm finally rejuvenated by then ;) My little and grandlittle, Megan and Allie, came over! Allie wanted to make Megan, Meghan, and I her famous chicken curry. I had never had curry before and it was an interesting flavor! I think she did a great job. Then we decided to get cookout milkshakes which led to swinging at the park :)

fam pic :)

 Meghan wanted to take some selfies to prove she was there too ;)

After all these pictures Allie decided we should take some "candids" Enjoy the progression of these below ;)

Love my grandlittle ha ha 

The night ended with belting Celine Dion on the way home... 

we were parked in this picture, no worries

… and trying out a dandelion experiment that was total fail. OH and they actually talked me into finally updating my software!! I have 7.1.1 now y'all! (I had not updated my phone since the update came out in the fall hah)

Finally, tonight I joined my SLP ladies for a Cinco de Mayo/end of year celebration at the new mexican restaurant in town, Cilantros. I can't believe we have a whole year of graduate school under our belt!!! 3 more semesters to go! 

I'd say the end of the semester has wrapped up well :)