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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hawaii Days 8, 9, & 10

Well, it's time to wrap up the most wonderful vacation!! 

DAY 8:

Our last few days were spent on the beach :-) 

We drove over to Honolulu for dinner on Friday night. Our friends recommended that we go to Bubba Gump. It was open air with an ocean view! We also just happened to be there on the night they did fireworks as well. 

We ended the night walking around the HUGE mall- Ala Moana. I've seriously never seen a mall that big. 

DAY 9:

Our last full day in Hawaii was spent at the most relaxing spot, Lagoon 2!

A day that starts at the beach and ends at the pool is the best in my book! 

We took some pictures on the beach that night before a chicken kabob dinner at the condo. 

DAY 10:

We woke up on Sunday feeling blue that we were going to have to leave paradise that night. We wanted to get in as much beach time as we could though, so we headed back to our lagoon one last time!

Around 3:00 we left the beautiful resort of Ko'Olina and headed towards Honolulu. How can you leave such a beautiful place?? The photo below is at the entrance of our resort.  

We had an early dinner at Waikiki after we shopped for some souvenirs. Then around 6:30 we made the drive back to the airport. 

Our first flight left at 8:45pm Hawaii time and we arrived back in Charlotte the next day around 7:30pm. 

I can easily say that this trip was one of the very best I've ever taken. Hawaii is just somewhere you must visit to see and feel how wonderful it is. While my body has still been on Hawaii time most of this week, my mind has been there too!! This is a vacation we will never, ever forget :-) 

Thank you Mom and Phil!!!!

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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Hawaii Day 7

DAY 7:

On Thursday we visited the North Shore! This was definitely one of my most favorite days!! It was jam packed with fun, so it got it's own post :-)

Most place that we drove in Hawaii were within 45 minutes. I didn't mind being in the car at all though because the views were always gorgeous.

We first stopped in Haleiwa to explore and have lunch. It was the neatest little surf town and the mountains in the background were beautiful.

Such a strange looking McDonalds Haha

Shrimp Trucks!! 

We ate from Giovanni's shrimp truck and it was delicious. I got the scampi flavored and Andy got the HOT shrimp. They even told him they didn't take refunds once he tried it. He handled the heat well though!

Our next stop was closer to Waimea where we got Matsumoto's shaved ice! This place was on every list you find for food to eat on Oahu and it did not disappoint. They had so many fun flavors and I think Faith was the most creative getting guava :-) 

We then headed to Waimea Valley to visit the farmer's market and walk to the waterfall! 

My pictures do not do it justice because Waimea Valley is GORGEOUS. I could have spent hours walking around looking at all the beautiful plants and flowers. We took in the scenery as we walked about 3/4 mile to the waterfall. 

Once we arrived at the waterfall, Anna, Faith, and I got in. The water was so refreshing and it was tough swimming against the current over to the falls! We made it though. :-)

Our last stop at the North Shore was Waimea Bay. We had to visit Jump Rock!! 

This beach was a little different from where we stayed. It had much more black rock in the sand. 

Faith and I decided to be the ones to brave Jump Rock. It was exhilarating!! 

As we were walking back to our car, we enjoyed THE most beautiful sunset of the week. 

We made it back to our condo in time for a late dinner and hit the hay. What an amazing day!

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