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Monday, February 15, 2016

Weekend Wrap-Up: Valentine's Edition

Well, this was our first Valentine's Day as a married couple and I can confidently say that Andy spoiled me all weekend long! :-)

On Friday, I got home to a snowy package on our doorstep! Some delicious berries were inside. My Valentine knows me well!

That night, he cooked dinner and then afterwards we went bowling! We hadn't been in forever and going to the bowling party for S last weekend inspired us. We played best 2 out of 3 and... at least I won once ;-) 

You would think the fun stopped there but Saturday included more fun surprises. We relaxed all day and then we had late dinner reservations at 8:30. I didn't know until we got there that he was taking me to The French Goat! It is a really cute local restaurant that we hadn't tried before. One of our favorite meals on our honeymoon was at a French restaurant, so it was fun to feel like we were back in St. Lucia, despite the cold weather :-) 

I mean, starting with baked brie hushpuppies and french onion soup and ending with creme brulèe? Yum! 

We got in most of our celebrating by Sunday because Andy was going to head home for a visitation. However, after going to Sunday school,  he didn't get too far down the road before his car broke down. A snow storm was headed our way anyways, so we left his car at the shop and came on home. So, it turns out we got to celebrate even more on Sunday. We decided to get Japanese take-out and watch a Bachelor special. I hate that he had to miss being there for one of his mentor's family members, but we had a nice evening in. 

& finally, we rounded out the weekend with a snow day at home together today. Andy already had President's Day off, and with the 6-9 inches of snow we were expecting, of course our schools were closed. I'm so thankful for all the special time I got to spend with my favorite guy this weekend. He has been the best Valentine for the past 9 years :-)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

North Carolina Weekends

I have traveled to NC the past two weekends and they were both wonderful!! The last weekend in January I drove to Southern Pines to stay with Meghan and then to drive over to Hamlet for Mindy and Marc's couples shower on Saturday!! Unfortunately, Andy couldn't make it, but Meghan was my date! 

It was so nice to catch up with my fellow SLP bestie and we shared lots of stories ;-) We didn't take any pictures though!! Marc and Mindy's shower was SO cute so I do have some from Saturday!

I mean, a smores bar!? Yum! 

I'm so very excited for their wedding festivities to continue!! After the whirlwind of last summer, I am going to enjoy every minute of celebrating my sweet friend, without being a bride myself! Haha :-) 

This past weekend, Andy and I drove to Charlotte. We got in a lot of family, friends, and fun. Friday night was spent with my Mom, Phil, and sisters enjoying a delicious meal. On Saturday, Andy needed to do some work so I got to go to a 6th birthday party for S and did some shopping with Amy! 

Then Saturday night we got to go to church and dinner with my Dad and Kendall. It was a full day but I loved every minute of it! 

Sunday was the BIG game day. We were all psyched to watch the Panthers play in the Super Bowl. Andy and I ate lunch with Mom, Phil, and Anna and Faith then we headed back up to WV to watch the Super Bowl with Mark and Stephanie. 

They made some delicious food and, despite our loss, we had such a great time. It was a sad ending to such a great season but I think we have a young team that can only get better!! I'm looking forward to next season. :-)

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

SnOMG 2016 Edition

Hello friends! Not too much has been going on the past few weeks, except, well SNOW. After my last post, Winter Storm Jonas came through WV, the 3rd week of January, with a vengeance. We ended up getting two full days of continuous snow fall. The ending result was 16 inches! Of course, I had to prepare the only way I know how #goodreads #sleds

I was able to fit in a lunch date with my favorite guy before the storm blew in. 

By Friday, Andy and I both had work cancelled (and basically the rest of the east coast Haha) So we watched the snow fall, watched movies, and relaxed :-) 

By Friday night, we had about 9 inches.

The snow continued Saturday, and we were beginning to be snowed in, quite literally Ha ha

Our neighbors dog, Bailey, looked so cute just laying out in the snow. He must have needed to cool off. 

By Saturday evening, the snow had stopped and I ventured out to take it all in and get some snow to make snow cream! 


By Sunday, I had read a book and finished a puzzle, so I was ready to watch the Panthers play in the NFC Championship. We won the game and we were Super Bowl bound!!! It was a wonderful end to our snowy weekend.

& Monday, I busted out of the house to run some errands. This is what it looks like to scrape shovel 16 inches of snow off of your car. 

We have had a total of 7 snow days since Jonas. It doesn't look like our cold weather will be leaving us anytime soon. Is is March yet!? :-)