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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hodge Podge

So I wanted to write yesterday but now I am very thankful that I did not! ha Yesterday can only be described as a huge hodge podge of feelings and events and I probably would have sounded a mess! Monday was (and always will be this semester) extremely busy BUT it always ends perfectly with bible study and chapter with the girls I love most here! So I was feeling good when I got home at 1130pm Monday night. But then I got a horrible headache and couldnt sleep! This made for a VERY sleepy Tuesday. Tuesdays are just as long as Mondays because I go from 930am-530pm! & with a few unfortunate events throughout the day, I just needed to crash and burn once I got home. Talk about feeling amazing and horrible all in the same 24 hours!
God knew just what I needed today though and blessed Appalartica with some snow that got all classes after 1pm cancelled! My day doesnt start on Wednesdays until 12 (and goes till 5) so it was perfect! Since I can be such a bum and homebody, unless its keeping me from doing something I reallyyy wanna do, I love snow days. I just want to recap  in pictures the things I did on my snow day that made it a good one!

As soon as I got back from class I went to the store real quick to grab some groeries. I was completely out of lunch foods so I got some yummy stuff and I was happy that I got that trip in before it got bad
I caught up on The Bachelor because I never get to see it on Monday nights since they are so busy! I absolutely LOVED his date with Chantal. Seeing such romantic dates like that just makes me giddy inside! I just wont even go into what I think about crazy Michelle though haha
I got a little bit of homework done which mostly consisted of studying for my Bio test on Friday. It wasnt exactly a fun part but I feel accomplished so Im glad I did it!

I ate some delicious rice crispy chicken, rice, and veggies with the rooms!
(I thought this picture was just so funny) But now Im comfy with my pjs on in my bed, with my laptop watching some tv! Oh how good it is to relax!

God Bless,

PS My next challenge is to find out how to have your name permantly "signed" at the bottom of each post!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Something New

So here it goes... I'm joining the blog world! I have been reading other peoples blogs for about a year now and I can finally be a "follower." Gosh, this brings back memories of the Xanga days. How I wish so badly that I remembered the address to that silly site to see what I wrote about back then. I'm sure it would be real funny :)
Its actually funny to me that I'm starting this blog now too. I really don't like writing at all and I think I'm really bad at it! Oh well, maybe I can keep this thing going until I have really exciting things to blog about like a new career, marriage, etc! Maybe, just maybe.
I guess I'll make this first post somewhat interesting and talk about my weekend so far and end with 10 facts about myself since I'm not doing the 30 day challenge like so many others right now.
Yesterday I got to sleep in before my one and only Friday class at 12. After class I went to lunch with my lovely SAO sisters, Caroline, Kendall, and Michelle! I love spending time with my sisters in Christ. Its so refreshing to talk about everything that went on during our week and talk about our dreams for the future ;) The rest of the afternoon was filled with running errands until Phil, Anna, and Faith got here around 5 to hang out and go to dinner with me! I was very excited to see them. Kaley was able to join us and then after they left, we hung out for the rest of the night! Since yesterday was so busy, today was very, very NOT busy haha. I caught up on a lot of sleep, organized my room, cleaned, and ran some more errands. Its nice to have a fun day and a restful day on the weekend :)
Well I'm off to bed hoping to have a very productive day tomorrow getting most of my homework done for next week! I still need alotttt of help with this blog, I'm jealous of all the fancy blogs that I normally read so hopefully I can spice it up soon!
God Bless,

1. I'm a daughter of Christ
2. I never thought I'd end up living in the mountains
3. Any type of organization makes my heart smile
4. I try to get pedicures often, even in the winter
5. I will point out a cute child before a hott guy haha
6. Id rather spend time with my family than anyone else
7. I love all things pink and green
8. A life goal is to help children with cancer in some way, as a little girl named Ellie inspired me more than most in her short, precious life
9. I have nannied since 9th grade
10. Ice cream is my most favorite dessert