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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

October Highlights {Part 2}

On the third weekend of October, we headed to Charlotte to visit my family! We hadn't seen them since early August. 

We had lunch at PF Changs, visited a pumpkin patch, and had dinner with my Dad and Kendall :-) 

This past weekend, on Saturday, we hosted a Halloween party! & BONUS Barrett was in town :-) 

She helped me decorate for the party and then we walked around downtown for a bit.

Party time!

We love all these sweet friends so much!

On Sunday, we visited the farm of a family at our church for a youth group event. Andy works with the youth, so I tagged along. 

We had fun playing games, fishing, and just enjoying the scenery.

Shew! We have enjoyed every bit of Fall this year!! :-) We have a beach getaway planned for this weekend and I am SO excited. 

Monday, October 24, 2016

October Highlights {Part 1}

Man, our October was jam packed with fun!! So much fun that I had to split it up. Of course, I had great intentions of blogging about each weekend but then time slipped away from me ;-) 


Girls weekend! 

Andy went to visit his brothers for the weekend, so my bestir Laura visited and we declared in a girls weekend in Lewisburg! I was so excited to have her visit. On Friday night, we just caught up and lounged around. Saturday was beautiful so we visited a local apple orchard, explored downtown, and then I showed her around the Greenbrier. 

What a perfect Fall weekend :-) 



The second weekend in October was our town's food festival, TOOT. It was a dreary day, but we decided to head out for some yummy food anyways. We were able to meet up with some friends so it ended up being a great time!

I'll post about our trip to Charlotte & our Halloween party next :-)

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday {Quirks}

One of the things I love most about blogging is link-ups! I'm just late to the game sometimes ;-)

Andrea from Momfessionals hosts a series called "Show and Tell Tuesdays" and this Tuesday was all about your quirks and what makes you "you!" I LOVE hearing about the strange things that make up everyone's personalities, so I had to join in the fun. I also have tons of quirks so it made this link-up all the more fun Ha ha

Being Wet

Seeing the above pictures would make you think that I love being wet. WRONG. The thing is: I LOVE the ocean and the pool. I really love anything to do with water. So give me the beach or pool and I'll stay in a wet bathing suit all day. BUT anytime that I'm not supposed to be wet, I can't stand it!! I have to make sure I'm bone dry before getting dressed after a shower, wet socks give me the CREEPS, and I can't even think about the feeling of my finger being wet under my rings after I wash my hands. ICK!

Uneven Covers

I'm one of those people that makes my bed before I go to sleep. If I lay down and pull my covers up and the sheet is longer than the comforter (or vice versa) I just can't deal. No matter how tired I am, I MUST get up and fix it.

Overhead Lights

I hate them. There's nothing worse than fluorescent lights in a classroom, but I hate them all. They just aren't necessary to me and I much prefer natural light.  Also, if I could have a house full of lamps I'd be happy. If I think too hard about them, I'll get a headache ;-) I used to get up in the mornings and not turn a single light on. When my stepdad came downstairs he'd turn on the overhead lights and I'd legitimately get SUPER angry. The best part is that it must be genetic because my mom, my dad, AND my brother hate them too!

Big Bows

Bows make me so happy! I was a bow-head myself, so I guess I get it honestly. I think that little girls should have a bow to match every outfit! Seeing sweet baby girls with bows in their hair makes me smile. I already think of the day when I can put a bow on my little girl's head :-) The bigger, the better.

Reading Chapter Books

I love to read. Reading chick-lit is one of my favorite things. Though, I have a strange habit while reading chapter books. I always have to look ahead to see how long a chapter is. I want to know the exact page that a chapter is going to end, so I do it with each new chapter! Even if I'm super into a book, I still like to check. Weird.


Getting pedicures is one of my favorite things. I used to love getting my fingernails done too. The only problem with getting a manicure is that I like to keep my fingernails very short. When my nails are even a tiny bit long, all I can think of is the germs that are getting underneath them. Yuck!!! If I notice they are getting long at work, I can't WAIT to clip them when I get home. Sweet relief.


The last thing that Andrea mentioned sharing is nicknames. The nicknames of people in my family are definitely quirky. My Dad and Kendall didn't get any weird ones but everyone else did.

Mom: Mamasita

Phil: Philliam. There are so many "William"s in my family that my stepdad Phil often became Philliam

Will: my brother had several. Wicky, Wicky Snick, Slim

Anna: Anna Boo, Anna Booski, Boo

Faith: Tay, Taytie bell, tate Why Tay? Faith got her nickname when she first started babbling. Unlike most babies that babble "mama" or "dada" Faith's first babbles were "taytaytay" It was so funny. She has been Tay every since.

Now I've had a lot of nicknames. My friends have called me K, KP, and Kare. My dad and brother call me Karen Faye. My mom has always called me Karina (imagine her singing "Karina, Karina! Oh oh oh oh, Karina girl!). It evolved to Karen rina (how Anna would say it) and then to Karen reen reen. Andy's nickname for me is the weirdest of them all. I'll explain after I tell you his nickname.

Andy: Pand. He has other nicknames from his family, but to me he is Pand. It came from my cousin Allie calling him Andy-Pandy.

Now he took my latest nickname "Karen rina" and thought I needed a "P" nickname too, so it became "Prina" then "Prin"(pronounced "Preen").
So we are Pand and Prin. We don't really ever call each other Karen and Andy :-)

Well, that's enough quirky-ness for one post. I loved sharing and if your reading this, tell me some of your quirks below :-)