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Monday, August 29, 2016

August Highlights

Other than our amazing cruise at the beginning of August, I wanted to remember some of our other highlights :-) 

Our anniversary was the day after we got home from the cruise. It was also my first day back to work, great timing, huh? We had a nice evening going to get Mexican for dinner & trying our year-old wedding cake! I couldn't be more thankful for the year that Andy and I have spent together. Its hard to explain just how special it has been!

The second weekend in August my Mom, Phil, Anna, & Faith came to visit. We had such a nice time together :-) We didn't get a lot of pictures together but we spent time on the deck, walking around downtown, and going out to eat. I love when they visit!

I hosted Bible Study on August 16th. I realized that day that we had officially lived in Lewisburg for a year. It was such a perfect way to commemorate our move. Getting to know the ladies in my bible study has been one of the greatest blessings since we moved.

I spent the week of the fair relaxing and also preparing my new classroom (!!). I was in a closet last year with two other teachers. We got upgraded to a classroom this year and it has been SO nice to have more space… oh and windows!!

We also visited the state fair twice. It was easy to see why they offer discount nights during the week. On Wednesday night, we were able to go, and run into a few of our friends without much of a crowd at all. However, when Andy's parents came with us on Saturday night, it was packed!! It was fun to end the night watching the fireworks.

First Day of School on August 22!

August was a great one. I'm sad to see the summer come to a close. Summer 2016 will be one that we remember forever!!